How Do Leaders Promote Growth in Business?

Being intentional about developing leadership skills in your team means that even if the key people in your business are unavailable, your company can continue to grow. When you have potential leaders prepared to step in it allows the business to scale and grow at the right pace. So, how do leaders promote growth in business? 

Leaders need to know that their team is so prepared, so bought in, and so engaged with planned growth, that they’d be able to execute the plan without them. Promoting growth as a central part of the team vision can seem challenging as a leader, but there are a few principles to keep in mind.

Enabling the Right People to the Right Mindset


As leaders, creating and promoting the culture and vision of the organization are our responsibility. And a massive part of that is being able to build a place where you get the right people in the right seats on the bus and have them poised to do most of the heavy lifting day-to-day.

Leading your company forward strategically is essential to promote growth in the business. There is a lot more to being a good steward of your business than you might imagine — and any good steward must put plans in place for when they are no longer captaining the team. 

How leaders promote growth in business is by developing their team. Commit to the vision and spirit of the company and bring your leadership team into more discussions than ever before. Transparency and sharing information is a great way to build an engaged team.

So, how do leaders promote growth in business? It is often by having the right people alongside them as they plan to scale.


Promote Growth in Your Business with Value


When you are planning how to grow your business, you should be intentional about the culture you plan to build. But, you can’t create a culture alone— although you can promote company values, the best way to disseminate and embed that culture is to hire the right people who fit within your vision and have them help you build the right culture. 


Today’s Workforce Wants 3 Things:


  • They want to feel valued at work
  • People want to know that the work they are doing is making a difference
  • They want leaders committed to helping them grow and develop

Model what you value in your business, be candid with your team, and invite them to participate in an ideas exchange. Find out what you could do to better serve as a leader and take action to show that the people around you can trust that you have the best interests of the whole company at heart. 

As an organization grows, the people in leadership within that organization have to continue to grow too. 


Leadership Development Potential


Although your business may have the right people, you need to futureproof your growth potential. Sometimes it’s necessary to make some tough decisions, but the best way leaders can promote growth in your business is to model the focus on growth and development yourself. 

How do you continue to get better as a leader? 

When you really take the time to prioritize professional development, share ideas, and best practices for growth, you infuse the people around you with your enthusiasm. 

After all, the moment you’re entirely in your comfort zone is probably the moment to time something new. Although avoiding complacency and constantly pushing yourself to move in different directions can be a little uncomfortable — it can often be the best way to identify opportunities. 

The leaders and organizations who get the most out of their people are the ones who invest the most in them.

You can reframe your authentic communication with your team down into honesty, integrity, and vulnerability. Vulnerability as a leader looking to grow your organization is an essential part of being self-aware — there is nothing more important than being honest about where you’re hoping to grow. 

The power of vulnerability comes from not just sharing your challenges but inviting your people to be a part of the solution. Being a leader is not about having all the answers but rather the commitment and willingness to find the answers with the help of your team members.

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