Great leaders understand the value of investing in themselves to level up their performance and break through barriers in their pursuit of excellence.

One of the big challenges for the ambitious and committed, the ones willing to put in the required work to maximize their potential and achieve levels of success unlike any they have experienced before, is figuring out how to fill their performance gap. The performance gap is the space between their current level of production and the high level of execution and achievement which they are capable. Inside of that gap are distractions, adversity, challenges, obstacles, the unexpected, self-limiting beliefs and behaviors as well as competing thoughts.


Until you run to the fight and raise your level of self-awareness you may never know what is preventing you from moving from where you are to where you want to be. Raising your self- awareness involves an honest and transparent assessment of your current thoughts, behaviors, and performance.

Once we have identified what is keeping you from raising the level of your game then it is time to get to work on leveraging your strengths, setting goals that force you outside your comfort zone, being intentional about your mindset, and deepening the trust your team has in you through your communication skills and authenticity.

It is not easy work.

You have a lot of demands on your time, energy, and attention. Sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming and the first thing you neglect is yourself. For most of us, that is hard to admit to another person. Truth be told, we can become our own worst enemy.

That is where I step in as your trusted confidant whose only objective is to help you think, act, and execute at the highest level possible.

We will take this journey together and because of our purpose and focus be able to grow through frustrations, challenges, adversity, failure and fear. All the while we will be strengthening the skills, traits, and behaviors which will empower us to accumulate positive habits in the process.

My coaching programs will help you:

  • Increase your level of self-awareness

  • Align your values with a compelling vision and powerful goals

  • Learning to stretch yourself by getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

  • Prioritize your projects and tasks to dramatically improve your time/energy/attention management

  • Gain clarity in your purpose and process which will raise your speed and level of decision making

  • Strengthen your mindset to focus on what you can control, especially things that are out of your control

  • Increase your capacity for authentic leadership

  • Develop powerful communication skills which will result in an unshakeable foundation of trust

Working side by side, we will create a strategic, powerful plan for how you’ll achieve your goals. Once a month, we will have a coaching session and dig into the feedback loop. During those sessions we will talk about the progress you are experiencing as well as the struggles. Most importantly, we will figure out why those are happening and make any adjustments we deem necessary.


Ready to Get Started?


Platinum Program

  • Initial assessment call prior to the first coaching session

  • One coaching session per month (via phone, Zoom or in-person where applicable) over a 1-year period

  • Self-Awareness packet

  • Bi-weekly accountability form to drive feedback loop

  • Unlimited access via email and text message

  • Game plan after each call which includes action items


Gold Program

  • Initial assessment call prior to the first coaching session

  • One coaching session per month (via phone, Zoom or in-person where applicable) over a 6-month period

  • Self-Awareness packet

  • Bi-weekly accountability form to drive feedback loop

  • Unlimited access via email and text message

  • Game plan after each call which includes action items


Interested, but still have some questions? Schedule a call with Ed to learn more.

What our former coaching clients have to say...

Mike Imm

Owner, M. Sweazy & Associates

"I first met Ed in high school. We were teammates on the basketball team and our friendship grew from competition on the court. Ed was our coach on the floor, always looking to motivate us, encourage us, and help us to reach our potential not only individually, but more importantly as a team. Being a year older, Ed was off to college during my senior year. I still remember the letters he would send me, encouraging me to focus, stay mentally strong, unify the team, etc. While I knew I wasn't going to play basketball after high school, I knew the skills and traits that Ed was challenging me with, would continue long after my athletic days were done.
Over the years, I've seen Ed apply these athletic traits and beliefs to his success in the mortgage business, as a college basketball coach, and a professional recruiter. Most importantly I'm seeing Ed instilling these traits to his marriage and young children. These are life lessons. Owning my own business for the last 10 years has been a great challenge for me and my family. During this time, Ed has helped me to stay focused for my family and goal driven in my business. He's helped me to create a plan for success for my business, maximizing potential and unifying staff to a common goal. A "singleness of purpose" he would often say, as well as one of my favorites, "If you work long enough, hard enough, and smart enough, good things are going to happen." Ed has been a friend, teammate and mentor to me for over 20 years. I am thankful for his guidance and encouragement professionally and his friendship personally."

Matt Petty

President, Tridex Systems

"I have known Ed Molitor for more than 25 years, and have watched him make the transition from successful college basketball coach to mortgage broker and vice president of operations to starting his own company, The Molitor Group. Ed has been able to accomplish so much in business and in life because of his work ethic, tireless enthusiasm, his passion for helping others and honesty. I along with many others are grateful he has taken all of his experiences and skills and started The Molitor Group. His company will help anyone looking to achieve greatness in business but also wanting to learn how to compete every day and be successful in life!"

John Dessauer

Chief Creative Officer, The Dessauer Group

"I have known Ed since we played college basketball together. He carries the same enthusiasm, energy, work ethic, leadership and competitiveness that he had on the court to the arena of business."

Connie Whitesell

President, Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching

"There is no one better out there than Ed Molitor for inspiring and guiding individuals to be leaders in any aspect of their lives professionally or personally."

Ed Headshot transparent.png

About Ed Molitor

Ed Molitor is a leadership performance coach, trainer, captivating speaker, and the CEO of The Molitor Group. Ed developed the Athletics of Business Mindset after decades of experiences as an athlete, coach, and successful businessman. Ed draws on his work ethic, positivity, enthusiasm, passion for life, loyalty, and commitment to relentlessly pursuing excellence in everything he does.