The Molitor group is a leadership performance organization that
works with emerging and established leaders across the
biopharma, biotech, and medical device industry to help them
define victory and transform their team’s performance.

We are energetically driven by principles like authenticity,
interactive engagement, curiosity, and care


Founder & Ceo

More Than Just a Leader

Ed is a coach down to the very smallest molecule of his DNA. Whether he’s a husband and father at home or working with a client in the business world, he is an energized, passionate, and near-obsessive coach who is fully invested in showing up with all he’s got to help you show up with all you’ve got.

His approach is one that insists on presence. He knows no other way to catalyze change except by getting on the court with you, playing side-by-side, and encouraging you to keep pushing, especially when the going gets tough.

From the floor to the White board

A college athlete, NCAA basketball coach, corporate executive, and entrepreneur, Ed Molitor has experienced the potential and pitfalls of leadership at every level.

As the founder and CEO of The Molitor Group, today Ed guides emerging and established leaders across biopharma, biotech and medical devices to apply the proven lessons of coaching in their pursuit of inspiring and driving their team’s performance.

Teaching by Example

Through personalized training, workshops, keynote speeches, his writing, and as a podcast host, Ed seeks to empower individuals and their organizations to achieve victory through a focus on transformation, fundamentals, compassion, mental toughness, and vision.


"Do the best you can with what you have to
become the best you are capable of becoming."


Our team

Mike Imm
Chief Relationship Officer

Mike’s career is defined by his ability to develop meaningful relationships and help others unlock their mental and physical potential.

Previously, Mike led M. Sweazey & Associates, where he oversaw more than 2,000 clients representing $500+ million in insured values.

A Penn State graduate with a degree in Economics and International Business, he was the starting goalkeeper on the men's soccer team, earning accolades in Atlantic 10 and Big Ten conferences.

Married with four children, Mike enjoys serving at church, golfing, and supporting Penn State.

Vianet Ortiz
Director of Client Success

With nearly a decade of experience in administrative and client services, Vianet is an expert at streamlining processes, enhancing client services, and providing creative solutions.

A senior at PUCMM in Publicity and Business Relations, Vianet embraces continuous learning and growth.

She values athletics for individual and team development, drawing from her experience overseeing award recognition for athletes across high school, college, and the professional level.

She is intrigued by the unique qualities of each person and is passionate about figuring out how different people can work together productively.

Paige Petty
Digital Marketer Specialist

Paige is a passionate believer in the power of sports to make a lasting positive impact in every aspect of life.

Her work with The Molitor Group is centered around creating content that serves as a catalyst to develop and nourish strong connections with others.

As a senior Marketing student at Loyola University, she excels in creative problem-solving, developing marketing strategies, and nurturing communities through social media.


Growing Through (Not Just Going Through) Crisis

Why vulnerability can be a powerful leadership asset