Our Athletics of Business podcast provides leaders with invaluable practical lessons framed by the competitive nature of sport and life.
Here we share a mindset built on the foundational belief that the skills and behaviors of high-performing teams, elite athletes, and high-impact coaches are also the key to your business success.

This perspective is a direct result of Ed Molitor’s experiences—as both a college athlete and a coach—that helped shape his core values: work ethic, positivity, enthusiasm, passion for life, loyalty, and commitment to relentlessly pursuing excellence.

Sarah Wirth

Sarah Wirth is the President of Ecsell I...

Mike Sarraille

Mike Sarraille is the founder and CEO of...

William Lumpkin

William A. Lumpkin (Will) is a devoted h...

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Anthony Bonifazio is Vice President of M...

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Matt Monahan joined Genesys Health as Ch...

Ed Molitor

Ed is a coach down to the very smallest ...


Ed is a phenomenal listener and gave me fantastic tips to
improve my performance.

Bukola Oladokun


Growing Through (Not Just Going Through) Crisis

Why vulnerability can be a powerful leadership asset