At The Molitor Group, we work with biopharma, biotech & medical device leaders to provide them the tools and strategies they need to lead their team to victory.

In any competition–but especially in business–there is one universal truth. Victory undefined is victory unfulfilled.

To build your culture, transform your organization, and maximize every team member’s potential, you must understand the difference between winning and victory. Only then can you achieve the results that will be most meaningful to you and your team.

In the game of business–where there is no finish line, and the score is not always clear–it’s your ability to coach others to success that will determine the ultimate outcome.

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Harnessing decades of experience in three of the most competitive arenas imaginable–college coaching, corporate leadership, and entrepreneurship–our personalized leadership development programs leverage coaching fundamentals to teach bioscience business leaders how to

Define and achieve victory.


“self awareness is the competitive advantage.”


Working with Ed Molitor has been the development highlight of my career. He’s motivating, personable, unselfish, and leads with positive intent. I’ve been a Sales Operations Manager for a number of years and when I started working with Ed, I was dealing with the passing of my father-in-law and moving...

Antonio Velez

Associate Director of Field Sales Operations


Working with Ed has been really rewarding. Ed is a phenomenal listener and gave me fantastic tips to improve my performance. He listens without judgment, he is able to make you recognize your own potential, and help to guide you towards it. Working with Ed, I have refined how I...

Bukola Oladokun

PharmD MBA

Xeris Pharmaceuticals

I’ve had the pleasure of hiring Ed Molitor to deliver one-on-one coaching for front-line leaders, training for those who aspire to lead individual contributors & managers, and finally, keynote presentations (Victory Defined, Disposition to Dominate) to motivate and inspire my teams in an authentic and genuine way.  Not only has...

Jason Bey

BioPharma Executive Leader

It is crazy to think that my time with Ed is almost over. It has been a quick 90 days and he has helped me through so much change in my career! Short and sweet Ed is AMAZING!! I’m so thankful to have been a part of this program. I’m...

Ashley kimbrough

Senior Product Manager, Patient Services Ophthalmology at Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc




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Growing Through (Not Just Going Through) Crisis

Why vulnerability can be a powerful leadership asset