I help individuals, organizations, and teams


Unleash their Greatness 


through values-based,
purpose-driven executive coaching &
leadership training.



I help individuals, organizations, and teams


Unleash their Greatness 


through values-based,
purpose-driven executive coaching &
leadership training.




Check out the eBook, Growing Through (Not Just Going Through) Crisis now!

Growing through (not just going through) crisis

Are you embracing your Greatness?

Check out the eBook, Embracing the Power of Greatness: Game-Changers That You Will Not Find In The Playbook now!


Individual, one-on-one coaching programs to help move you forward.


Virtual or onsite team training, customized to meet your goals.


Keynote presentations for events, team meetings, and celebrations.


“There is no one better out there than Ed Molitor for inspiring and guiding individuals to be leaders in any aspect of their lives professionally or personally.”

Connie Whitesell

President, Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching

I have known Ed since we played college basketball together. He carries the same enthusiasm, energy, work ethic, leadership and competitiveness that he had on the court to the arena of business.”

John Dessauer

“Ed Molitor exemplifies the core intangibles of leadership, integrity, and relentless work ethic…all characteristics athletes possess and bring to the business environment.”

Chris Beck

President, Soar Consulting

“Ed has helped me to stay focused for my family and goal driven in my business. He’s helped me to create a plan for success for my business, maximizing potential and unifying staff to a common goal. ”

Mike Imm

M. Sweazy & Associates

“Ed is professional, dedicated, supportive and passionate about helping clients and is truly in the right field as a coach and leadership trainer.”

John P. Shaughnessy

President, Former Vice President, Gehl Foods, Inc.

“Ed has been able to accomplish so much in business and in life because of his work ethic, tireless enthusiasm, his passion for helping others and honesty.”

Matt Petty

President, Tridex Systems

“In my 30+ years of knowing Ed Molitor, I’ve not run across many people who can captivate and inspire an audience like him. His energy and passion for life will make you want to be a better person.”

Chris Stephen

Sr. VP of Product Development, Weber-Stephen Products, LLC



The CEO of Molitor Group
Meet the Mastermind
Throughout his professional career the words coaching and leadership have been synonymous with the positions Ed has held.
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