What is Your Incremental Vision?

One of the things I do each Sunday is to carve out the time to not only plan my week but to create a vision as to what I want the week to look like and when Friday comes… what is it that I will have accomplished. 

I want to create the vibe for the week before Monday is here so I can hit the ground running. 

How do I do that?

  • Review yearly, monthly, and weekly goals
  • Prioritize projects, tasks, meetings, and calls
  • Identify every family activity that is going on
  • Identify any conflicts and challenges and figure out a solution
  • Always plug in my morning routine to my schedule as well as family time at night

Then I go to work figuring out what is going to require me to push the energy, where will the grind come in, when to do I need to back off and get quiet to reflect.

Seems like a lot but truth be told… it has become a way of life just as much as brushing my teeth or working out is to me. 

The beauty is that it also provides me the confidence to be able to pivot when curveballs are thrown at me, which is happening pretty often these days. 

Bottom line, where do you want to get to this week and how will that look to you? At the end of the week when you run your feedback loop what is it that you are celebrating?

Have a great Tuesday and it is not too late…..take some time and create your vision for this week and go dominate the goals in front of you!

Keep doing great things,



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