Mark Heidersbach

I’ve had a connection with Ed Molitor for almost 30 years and he is without question an All-Star in every facet of life. He has a rare combination of charisma, substance, and authenticity which allows him to connect with all types of individuals. A true “coach’s coach” who understands how to inspire and elevate others through leadership skills and principles he’s honed over the course of his personal and professional experiences.

I recently had the privilege of partnering with him to support my sales leadership team during a significant period of expansion, change, and adversity. My objective was to align my new leadership team on a common foundation of leadership principles, vision, culture, and performance standards. I wanted each one of them to feel empowered, enhance their own authentic leadership style, and embrace excellence. The VICTORY Defined program within The Athletics of Business Operating System was the perfect solution. The robust content along with Ed’s unique ability to engage people through storytelling and relating experiences to our situation was phenomenal. He invested in us to customize a program that would optimize our investment. His energy, passion, and enthusiasm are contagious!

I highly recommend Ed as a leadership coach/trainer and am an ardent believer in the Athletics of Business platform.


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