Connie Whitesell, PCC, MBA

There is no one better out there than Ed Molitor for inspiring and guiding individuals to be leaders in any aspect of their lives – professionally or personally. I have known Ed for over twenty years and have seen him lead student-athletes, as well as business executives, to greatness. He is the kind of person who probably has a cabinet filled with letters of gratitude for the impact he has had on others’ lives.

I especially love the way he incorporates so many values and positive aspects of athletic leadership into his work with business leaders. It is fascinating how these two areas work hand in hand and I do not know anyone else who uses this unique Athletics of Business concept in their work.

Ed also has been through his share of professional and personal challenges and has come out the other side a stronger person, confident in the knowledge that he can do and handle anything. For someone looking for a coach, consultant, or speaker who not only excels in his work, but also walks his talk every day, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Ed.


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