Stephen Otto

Senior Vice President

Federated Hermes

Antonio Velez

Associate Director of Field Sales Operations


Working with Ed Molitor has been the development highlight of my career. He’s motivating, personable, unselfish, and leads with positive intent. I’ve been a Sales Operations Manager for a number of years and when I started working with Ed, I was dealing with the passing of my father-in-law and moving cross country. We focused on transition and dealing with change, and eventually concentrated on how to be a great coach, prioritization, and work-life balance.

During my development session with Ed, I was promoted to Associate Director of Field Sales Operations, and now have the opportunity to be a first-time manager. I really enjoyed catching up with Ed and sharing stories, because we all have so much to share, and one thing Ed and I value is others’ points of view. The way he’s able to connect and provide feedback is unique and I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to work with him.

These sessions with Ed gave me the confidence to reach for the stars and make a difference. This program was tremendously helpful, and I know that when I’ll look back at my career, this will be one of those significant inflection points that sprung it.

Sam Burst

Director of US Commercial Training & Leadership Development


Mary Beth Howard

Head, Global Biotech Business Unit


Jason Bey

BioPharma Executive Leader

Linda Grahovec

National Agency Director of Education & Marketing Strategy and IL Licensed REALTOR

FNF Family of Companies

Steve Otto

Federated Hermes

Ashley Kline


Bukola Oladokun

PharmD MBA

Xeris Pharmaceuticals

Working with Ed has been really rewarding. Ed is a phenomenal listener and gave me fantastic tips to improve my performance. He listens without judgment, he is able to make you recognize your own potential, and help to guide you towards it.

Working with Ed, I have refined how I communicate, making sure to communicate the why, reflect positively, and ask questions that get people to think. I’m very thankful to have been coached by Ed.

Nicholas Gross

Ophthalmology, Commercial Strategy

InCarda Therapeutics

“Working with Ed Molitor has been a best-in-class experience. Ed is a seasoned leader and coach. He possesses a distinctive skill set that allows him to identify the greatest strengths of his clients, as well as help them articulate how to refine and leverage those strengths to unlock their potential and unleash greatness.

When I reflect on my experience working with Ed, the first word that comes to mind is — authentic. He is truly invested in the success of his clients. If you open yourself up, trust his process, and allow him to work his magic, then you will for sure learn important insights about leadership that you can immediately apply to your own professional (or personal) journey of growth and development.

I learned from Ed that embracing a service-minded attitude towards leadership can drive great impact within a team or organization. If you are looking for an exceptional executive coach that puts excellence, values, and purpose first, then I highly recommend Ed!”

Ashley kimbrough

Senior Product Manager, Patient Services Ophthalmology at Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc


It is crazy to think that my time with Ed is almost over. It has been a quick 90 days and he has helped me through so much change in my career!

Short and sweet Ed is AMAZING!! I’m so thankful to have been a part of this program. I’m not great with words, and my writing is terrible, but below are some of my thoughts.

Ed is fantastic to work with! He is very authentic, genuine, and truly cares about helping you be the best leader you can be. He also remembers everything!! There were times that he would text me to check in, give me words of wisdom, or encouragement before big career events.

My journey with Ed was very much not par for the course. My personal career path deviated from the expected when I first started in the program. Ed was able to easily adapt to meet me where I was at and help me make some pretty important decisions as it relates to my career.

At the time of enrollment in the program, I had an opportunity to be promoted within the company as well as an opportunity outside of the company. Ed was able to really tailor this program to help me through the interview process, and up to the decision.

My experience in the program was shifted to the events happening in my career and Ed was very attentive, and authentic in helping me navigate that journey.

I will never forget, one day I was feeling down about things happening at my job, to the point I was almost in tears. I met with Ed that day and he could sense I was not in the right place. He walked me through an exercise about where we place our attention and focus drives our thoughts. Those thoughts, whether negative or positive drive our emotions, behaviors, and results. Boiled down, our thoughts drive emotions, and it has really resonated with me day to day in my personal life and professional life. I think about it often and it has really helped me shift attention or focus to things that are attainable, positive, or bring joy.

Sean Banfill

Key Account Manager

Dompé U.S.

I hope your travels home weren’t to painful.  I wanted to thank you again for a very impactful presentation. You hit a lot of hot spots with me, professionally but more importantly personally. I’ve been in medical sales for nearly 15 years and have had countless speakers come to meetings and attempt to make an impact on the audience. Unfortunately most of them fail to make that impact.  You made that impact on me.  I understand why Jason chose you to talk to us. He’s one of the main reasons I work for this company and I respect him immensely he is a fabulous leader. He is a text book example of a great leader. Sam was my manager for 2 years and is the best boss I’ve ever had.  I learned a ton from him. Not only is he a great leader, but he’s an even better person as you probably know. What makes all of you impactful is your authenticity and that’s what stood out to me when you were talking to us.

I just wanted to thank you again for an unexpected surprise on a guest speaker. On a side note, I’m not a big reader but I bought a book at the airport today motivated by you in an attempt to learn something new every day.  Malcom Caldwell “Talking to strangers, what we should know about the people we don’t know.”  Your closing Ted Lasso clip says it all.

Thanks again, and I hope we meet again soon.

Mark Heidersbach

Sales & Marketing Leader | Commercial Team Builder | Genetic & Rare Disease Sales Strategy | Leadership Coach | Cross-Functional Collaborator


I’ve had a connection with Ed Molitor for almost 30 years and he is without question an All-Star in every facet of life. He has a rare combination of charisma, substance, and authenticity which allows him to connect with all types of individuals. A true “coach’s coach” who understands how to inspire and elevate others through leadership skills and principles he’s honed over the course of his personal and professional experiences.

I recently had the privilege of partnering with him to support my sales leadership team during a significant period of expansion, change, and adversity. My objective was to align my new leadership team on a common foundation of leadership principles, vision, culture, and performance standards. I wanted each one of them to feel empowered, enhance their own authentic leadership style, and embrace excellence. The VICTORY Defined program within The Athletics of Business Operating System was the perfect solution. The robust content along with Ed’s unique ability to engage people through storytelling and relating experiences to our situation was phenomenal. He invested in us to customize a program that would optimize our investment. His energy, passion, and enthusiasm are contagious!

I highly recommend Ed as a leadership coach/trainer and am an ardent believer in the Athletics of Business platform.

Brad Estrin


Estrin Consulting, Inc.

I recently had the privilege and pleasure of participating in an event where Ed Molitor was the keynote speaker.

He was highly engaging, using personal life moments, anecdotes from his very successful basketball coaching career and totally “on point” with how those experiences translate to leadership in business. The feedback from many of the participants were extremely enthusiastic on the presentation and content.

I would highly recommend Ed as a speaker and consultant and would certainly work with him again.

In addition, I have listened to several of his podcasts and have found them to be extremely engaging, informative and even inspirational.

Craig Funkhouser

Board Member

Shorr Packaging Corp.

Our Company was looking for an engaging speaker to supplement our Annual Development Day which is a full day program for participants in our Leadership Development Program. I had read about Ed, specifically his athletic and coaching background and his subsequent transition into the Business world.

As an integral part of our program, Ed added a lot in that he was able to effectively relate his experiences on the basketball court to those issues that our leaders face in our work environment. Since we have a significant number of highly competitive, up and coming leaders who previously participated in high school and college athletics, Ed’s message was well received and understood by the group.

Further, Ed spent the time needed to learn about our Business as well as the background of those in the program. As a result, he was able to emphasize and endorse a lot of the leadership traits and qualities that we are instilling in our future leaders.

I would certainly engage Ed in future training programs.

Matt Petty

Executive Management

Tridex Systems

There is no one more qualified to help your team achieve success! Ed brings a wealth of knowledge, real world experience and the ability to articulate what it takes to succeed in business and in life.

Put The Molitor Group in your budget or find money today to hire Ed and the team. Best investment you can make in your company, your team and yourself.

Stephen Kohler, MBA, PCC

Founder and CEO I Keynote Speaker I Author I Executive Coach I Musician I Forbes Business Council

Audira Labs LLC

When I was VP of Accessory Business at Weber Stephen Products, Ed provided a highly engaging and effective training session for our Global Product Management Team. Ed is a passionate, highly motivating and experienced leader who helps get the most out of any individual, team or organization.

He is a strong listener, asks powerful questions and helps ensure accountability. His passion and expertise in both the business and athletic world make a powerful combination which is an asset to any team.

Stacy Alexander

General Manager

Pitney Bowes

It is rare to come across a person who connects so intrinsically that you can’t help but be inspired. I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Ed Molitor during my collegiate career while playing women’s basketball. Ed was the assistant coach of the men’s basketball team at the time but was supportive and available for all the athletes in the program. Ed has always been passionate about motivating and inspiring others. It was no surprise when we crossed paths several years later to see that he had started his own leadership organization.

Ed’s drive, enthusiasm and innate ability to connect with individuals is one of his many amazing qualities. As a speaker he engages his audience and relates to them on a professional and personal level. Ed draws on his journey through his professional career as well as his personal relationships with mentors, family, and friends. He has laid a solid foundation on the what, the why, and the how in regard to leadership. I strongly recommend you taking advantage and tapping into the leadership program built by Ed Molitor of The Molitor Group.

Connie Whitesell, PCC, MBA

Business Coach

Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching

There is no one better out there than Ed Molitor for inspiring and guiding individuals to be leaders in any aspect of their lives – professionally or personally. I have known Ed for over twenty years and have seen him lead student-athletes, as well as business executives, to greatness. He is the kind of person who probably has a cabinet filled with letters of gratitude for the impact he has had on others’ lives.

I especially love the way he incorporates so many values and positive aspects of athletic leadership into his work with business leaders. It is fascinating how these two areas work hand in hand and I do not know anyone else who uses this unique Athletics of Business concept in their work.

Ed also has been through his share of professional and personal challenges and has come out the other side a stronger person, confident in the knowledge that he can do and handle anything. For someone looking for a coach, consultant, or speaker who not only excels in his work, but also walks his talk every day, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Ed.




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