Set goals with intention

Reflection and planning are built into our end-of-the-year routine. The end of 2022 and beginning of 2023 was no different and I decided to give it a  twist and set goals with intention.

During this process, In encountered some storylines that gave me pause and reason to dig into whether or not I was going all in on who and what I wanted to be as a husband, father, leader, and friend.


We lost a legend in Mississippi State’s Head Football Coach Mike Leach whom I could write countless stories about that would make you smile and laugh out loud. He passed from a heart attack on December 12, 2022 at the age of 61. Gone way too soon, yet he impacted more lives in his time on earth than we will ever know.

Coach Leach left them with smiles, stories, and experiences that made their lives a little better.s

Then there is the story of the rise of Brock Purdy. Deemed Mr. Irrelevant as he was the last player selected in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Yet there he was leading the San Francisco 49’ers on a three-game win streak since they lost their starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

His parents, who originally had planned on going to the game because they wanted to see Tom Brady play, sat in the stands at Levi’s Stadium listening to 68,500 49’ers fans chant their son’s name as tears stream down their faces.

While listening to and reading the stories about Coach Leach and Brock I started to notice a few common threads.


Both of them:

  • Knew exactly who they were and did not try to be anybody else
  • Did things in such a way that they got others around them to trust and believe in them
  • Authored their own story and put zero value in the stories others had scripted for them

College and professional football are worlds that most will never understand.

But what we can understand is pressure, temptation, accountability, being a part of a team and not wanting to let those people down, and an endless stream of adversity.

These storylines added fuel to the work I have been doing on myself and the busines while reading, reflecting, and planning.

I focused on being intentional about looking at the performance in each area of my life and answering the following questions:

  • What’s working/not working?
  • What should I do more of/less of?
  • What should I start doing/stop doing?
  • What should I keep doing and can I do it better?

As we continue to grow in numbers here at The Molitor Group and my responsibilities shifts, I decided to double down (and then some) on a number of our goals.

2023 is being a year full of big announcements, new coaching programs, a growing community, and much more.

So That: The small tweak to set goals with intention

I took my goal-setting one step further and connected them to a great purpose.


Instead of just writing down what my goal was I set it up in a sentence that served as an affirmation and then, by adding the words “so that” I ended each goal with a meaningful purpose.

Here is an example:

Old way of setting goals:

⭕ Increase revenue by 300%

New way of setting goals:

✅ We will increase revenue by 300% SO THAT we continue to build an organization that will eradicate the shortage of high-impact coaches in the biotech/pharma space.

Do you see what we did there?

Let’s take a personal goal:

Old way:

⭕ Complete two Olympic triathlons and one Sprint tri

New Way:

✅I will complete two Olympic tris and one sprint tri SO THAT I can be mentally, physically, and emotionally at my best for my family, friends, team, and clients. (And, so I can stay young and keep up with my kids!)

This is just a little tweak that will go a long way.


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