Shaun Jacob

Shaun Jacob is the Founder of Yoga2.0 whose mission is to elevate and completely re-define the current group fitness yoga experience. Shaun brings almost 20 years experience to the table and is a proven Business Builder & Revenue Generation Expert with a consistent record of success building multiple organizations from startup to multimillion-dollar established enterprises through national expansion. A transformational leader with the ability to streamline processes, establish controls, and drive revenue through the creation and execution of strategic initiatives that result in key-to-the-mission events. Shaun is a strategic thinker and regularly called upon to provide thought leadership to formulate unique business solutions for game-changing market penetration strategies. He has trained, mentored and managed hundreds of sales reps and is adept at building national teams by exercising the tenacity and forethought to attract, recruit, manage, and retain productive employees. Tenacious at developing new revenue opportunities, securing customer loyalty, and forging long term relationships with external and internal business partners that fortify, drive, and sustain shareholder value.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What career path Shaun took after his time playing basketball at St. Ambrose University
  • How Shaun and one of his former teammates decided to open a toxicology testing laboratory
  • How Shaun and his business partner found remarkable success and explosive growth in less than four years, before everything fell apart
  • How Shaun discovered yoga as a way to cope with the difficulties he was experiencing, and how it sparked the idea for Yoga 2.0
  • What lessons Shaun learned playing basketball that he has been able to bring forward into his post-athletic career
  • How Shaun has been able to build a remarkable team for Yoga 2.0, and how he structures his compensation to show gratitude for his team
  • In what ways Shaun has worked to give his guests a high-end experience, and why the focus is on having people leave as mentally motivated as they are physically challenged
  • Why self-compassion is an important skill to help you get through the hard times when starting your own business, and what steps Shaun takes to break out of a funk
  • What growth strategies Shaun has planned for Yoga 2.0, and how he plans to scale up the business to stay in step with his plans
  • Shaun shares which mentors have made the greatest impression on his career, and he offers advice for young people just entering the professional world

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