Coachability in the Workplace, with Pat Klingler
Pat Klingler

Pat Klingler is the Vice President of Business Development for Direct Biologics where he is responsible for strategic leadership and growth among multiple lines, both regionally and nationally. Klingler has built a humbling career in the orthobiologic and medical device arena, but much of his success as a sales leader directly results from the skills he developed as a basketball coach at Palm Bean and Joliet Junior College. Regardless of the role or industry, Pat Klingler’s most profound trait is his ability to tap into unused potential by helping his team members recognize what they didn’t even know was there. At Palm Bean, Klingler spearheaded a 39-9 overall record and was given the Basketball Coach of the Year honors in the Southern Conference. The ten years before Pat took over the program at Joliet Junior College, their record was 86-207. In just three years, with Pat's coaching, the team achieved a 93-25 record. Pat earned the highest winning percentage in school history (28-4), brought them an N4C conference championship, and was named Junior College Coach of the Year and N4C Coach of the Year by Basketball Times. Although he moved from the court to an office, Klingler maintains the same winning drive and determination that created championship players and brought home big wins. Klingler will always be a coach, and his ability to help people realize their potential is reflected in the metrics of every sales team he has been a part of.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Pat Klingler’s role as VP of Business Development for Direct Biologics
  • The team Klingler is building and how his work in biz dev ties into his career history and experience as a coach
  • Regenerative medicine and what it is
  • How Klingler got involved with this project and why he saw it as the next big thing
  • Klingler’s take on identifying opportunity where others can’t
  • Reading people during the hiring process
  • Helping your team identify their inner greatness
  • Figuring out what your employees want so you can get buy-in from them
  • Klingler’s take on coachability

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