Ideation and Innovation for Sports Marquee Events from the Super Bowl to Olympics, with Molly Mazzolini
Molly Mazzolini

Molly Mazzolini is Partner and Brand Integration Director at Infinite Scale, responsible for promoting not only the Infinite Scale brand, but also the multifaceted brands of its clients. She lends her branding knowledge to all projects that add to the layering or collaborative philosophy that drives all team members at Infinite Scale.

Molly Mazzolini is a hands-on branding expert, working directly with the clients and the creative council to integrate the team, venue, and sponsor brands seamlessly throughout the venue. As a founding partner, Molly brings this insight and expertise to every project from conception throughout the life cycle of a project to ensure consistent and on-message brand integration.

The Creative Council™, a collaborative approach to providing creative consultation to Clients, was first implemented during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games where Molly Mazzolini set up a brand-management department that worked closely with 70+ sponsors and suppliers of the US Olympic Movement. Prior to that she was at the University of Kentucky Athletics Department specializing in media relations as a liaison between coaches and the media.

Molly Mazzolini’s love of sport runs deep and began at an early age, and her passion for branding is a driving force at Infinite Scale. Molly understands the fans’ fervor for their teams and works tirelessly to ensure that every brand touch-point both enhances the fan experience and furthers brand loyalty and recognition. Molly ensures every voice is heard, every concern abated, and every aspiration met.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Molly’s work with the US Olympic Committee for the 2002 Olympic Games shined a spotlight on the need to develop a corporate partnership between the sponsors and the athletes
  • Why it is so significant to get all the stakeholders at the table together
  • How Infinite Scale was borne out of Molly’s experiences and the relationships she built at the 2002 Winter Olympics
  • How Molly and her co-founders launched Infinite Scale with leftover office supplies from the Olympics
  • What it was about Infinite Scale’s creative capabilities and solution-oriented deliverables that aligned so perfectly with all of Elevate Sports Ventures Goals
  • How Infinite Scale’s work with the San Francisco 49’ers eventually led to them forming an amazing partnership with Elevate Sports Ventures

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