Performance Excellence in the Face of Uncertainty, with Mark Heidersbach
Mark Heidersbach

Mark Heidersbach is an accomplished leader in biopharmaceutical sales and marketing with a reputation for integrity, empowerment, and a commitment to excellence. He is passionate around building inspired teams based on trust, purpose, and accountability. Experienced in providing focus and direction to navigate complexity/change, coaching and developing to leverage people’s strengths for broader success, and delivering superior results through innovative business solutions. Mark is currently the Senior National Sales Director at ACADIA Pharmaceuticals.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why it is so important to appreciate where everyone is at mentally, physically, and emotionally
  • How to be empathetic and also provide reassurance in the face of uncertainty
  • How to provide clear direction to your people so that you can continue to be purposeful and productive
  • How ACADIA pivoted quickly and retained nimble and continues to do so
  • Why it is so critical to provide structure and clearly communicate expectations
  • How the leadership team at ACADIA focuses on staying connected and continues to add value to their people and their customers
  • Why this is such an optimal time to focus on personal growth and how the team at ACADIA is focusing on that
  • How ACADIA is leaning into the key components of their culture; trust through transparency, performance excellence, and kindness and fun
  • How ACADIA is dialing in to controlling the controllable as they focus on what they can do

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