Figuring Out Your Time & Margin with Gabe Bock
Gabe Bock

Gabe Bock has worked in media and has covered the Aggies for nearly 2 decades and has been with TexAgs full-time since August 2008. After spending 10 years as lead host of TexAgs Radio, Gabe decided to step down in the Summer of '21 and has taken on a new content creator role within the organization while also diving into the Real Estate world in partnership with his wife, Megan Bock. The couple has three children: Ella, Easton and Everley.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How TexAgs evolved and the significant role that multiple streams of revenue played in it’s growth
  • What the brilliance was behind how Billy Liucci handled Gabe’s decision to put his family and home life before the success of TexAgs
  • Why was the relationship that Billy and Gabe have had over the years so powerful and how that played into their collaboration on the next step for TexAgs and Gabe
  • What was the question that Gabe asked himself that helped him decide it was time to walk away from his role as the host of TexAgs Radio show
  • Why time and margin is so important to Gabe and how those two pieces of the puzzle guided his decision
  • What the four gears are of a healthy lifestyle
  • How much work went into the naming of Alex Caruso court behind the scenes
  • Why it is so important to ask yourself what the next 20 years will look like

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