Finish Strong

I absolutely love that feeling of digging in and being focused.

Operating with a singleness-of-purpose and simplifying things down to doing only what needs to be done to win.

I get goosebumps whenever I am watching a great college football game and the players shoot four fingers up in the air at the start of the fourth quarter.

You can feel the energy, cohesiveness, conviction, and the will to win. This is fueled by optimism, drive, and tenacity.

In the fourth quarter, they are hyper-focused on the task that lies in front of them, no matter the size.

The fourth quarter is their last shot to:

  • Finish the game
  • Make a statement
  • Close the gap
  • Take the next step up in their performance
  • Take a stand
  • Get better
  • Win

They know that though many people believe this is where games are won and legends are made, that is not entirely true.

Because they know that the work they put in the previous week, in the off-season and in the pre-season has a lot to do with games being won and legends being made.

You have heard me say time and again that the level of success you are experiencing now is a direct result of the work you have been doing for the last 90-Days.

Why am I telling you this now?


90 days from now will be Wednesday, December 29th and you will be staring 2022 right in the eye.

How is that going to look for you?

Will you have finished strong and left no stone unturned?

Did you show up and play to win every day in the fourth quarter?

Will you have prepared for 2022 in such a way that you springboard into the New Year with a game plan and confidence, unlike any previous year?

Did your team close the year with passion and purpose, refusing to let each other fail, and operate with the feeling that they were in the fight ‘for each other not just ‘with each other.’

Did you stay true to what you stand for and continue to do the little things that separate your process and systems from the competition?

Keep doing great things!

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