With Great Expectations Comes Great Results

It is funny how life happens when you show up and do the work and though we have only been back from Disney for six days it seems like a month. One might argue that this Chicago weather has something to do with it but I will argue it has everything to do with how much we were able to accomplish and LEARN this week.

I was beyond honored this week to record three podcasts with first time guests who absolutely blew me out of the water.

Here is the thing.

Three different backgrounds. Three different industries. Three completely different journeys.

Yet, they all talked about the same things in their own unique way.

As much as I would like to start sharing all three episodes and tell you everything, I cannot do that as it would throw off the balance of my universe and completely screw up the process our team has in place.

But I will share with you a number of the shared keys to success.

Each one of them:

  • Embrace the power of high expectations vs. low expectations (and yes there is empirical evidence that supports this!)
  • Is uncompromising (fiercely independent, radically responsible, scrappy, and possess an undistracted mindset with an unwavering commitment to their WHY!)
  • Thinks Big!
  • Lives life as a learning lab
  • Has a clear definition of what VICTORY means to them

Stay dialed into our content and podcasts over the next three weeks, dive into the books I share, and study them. If you are anything like me, you will find yourself refreshed, reenergized, and full of new ways to approach leadership performance.

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I appreciate you taking the time to read the content we create, and I hope you share this with your others.


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