What is Leadership Coaching?

What is leadership coaching? As business owners, executives, or leaders, there is always room for improvement. Whether you’ve been in your role for several months or years, your role will evolve, which can be a difficult concept to grasp. 

After all, if you’ve been a leader for a long time, why should you have to change? 

Or, if you’re new to your role, you know you were selected for your leadership position for a reason. Surely there’s nothing more to learn. 

But, like most things in life, nothing stays the same. As generations in the workplace change, leadership roles must also adapt. More than that, though, as workforce and customer demands evolve, companies can lag, and it’s your responsibility to keep the wheels rolling, even if that means reinventing the wheel. 

That’s where leadership coaching comes in.

Leadership Coaching Defined


Leadership coaching does many things. Though you might be a great leader–and probably are since you’re here searching for ways to improve–there is always room for improvement. One of the ways to improve yourself as a leader is by finding a coach. 

A coach is similar to a mentor, but instead of simply advising and training you, a coach gives private and specialized advice and training. A coach encourages you to reach your full potential by building a meaningful relationship and pushing you out of your comfort zone, where you can achieve greatness. 

Leadership coaching is an opportunity to increase your self-awareness. This will look different for everyone, but it is a crucial step in becoming a better leader. 


Leading with Communication


One of the most valuable elements of leadership coaching is teaching you how to be a better communicator. If you find that your teammates don’t take advantage of your open-door policy, it might be time to consider leadership coaching. 

If your employees are uncomfortable talking with you, there are several problems. First, how will you help your teammates when they’re struggling if you don’t know they’re struggling? Second, how can you push your team members to achieve their goals and reach their highest potential if you don’t have a trusting relationship that allows you to support them and help get them out of their comfort zone? 

Leadership coaching shows you how to make these connections and improve your relationship with your team to help everyone–yourself, your team, and your organization–grow. 


Is Leadership Coaching for You? 


Do you feel like you’re not reaching your full potential at work? If so, leadership coaching might be for you. 

But, leadership coaching isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t willing to raise your self-awareness and give yourself an honest assessment of your current thoughts, performance, and behaviors, it may not be for you. 

Because it pushes you out of your comfort zone and requires you to leverage your strengths, be intentional about your mindset, deepen the trust within your team, and build your communication skills and authenticity, you will be uncomfortable. 

If you’re not willing to get uncomfortable, then leadership coaching isn’t for you. 


Taking the Role of a Coach 


But leadership coaching isn’t just about finding a coach for yourself and improving your leadership skills. It’s also about becoming a leadership coach. That means taking what you learn from your coach and implementing it for your team. What you learn about vulnerability, communication, performance, and getting out of your comfort zone will become your method of leadership in your office. 

When you adopt this for your company, you will see a shift in office morale. Suddenly, your employees will feel more like a team and family than co-workers or subordinates. A sense of trust will form, and that open-door policy you always said you had will become a reality. More than that, though, you will see your teammates doing the best work they’ve done since being hired because you push them out of their comfort zone into discomfort, where they can grow and thrive. 

Still looking for a clearer answer to “what is leadership coaching?” As you continue to develop your skills, you will see your team members and the company performing at the highest level you’ve seen. If leadership coaching is something you’re interested in, see if coaching from the Molitor Group could benefit you.


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