A while ago I had three recording sessions lined up for The Athletics of Business Podcast with three first-time guests who absolutely blew me out of the water. I was honored to have them in the show and amazed by what these exceptional leaders have in common.

Here’s what made this lineup so special: Three different backgrounds. Three different industries. Three completely different journeys. 

Yet, they all talked about the same things in their own unique way. 

Each one of them:

  • Embrace the power of high expectations vs. low expectations (and yes there is empirical evidence that supports this!)
  • Is uncompromising (fiercely independent, radically responsible, scrappy, and possess an undistracted mindset with an unwavering commitment to their WHY!)
  • Thinks Big!
  • Lives life as a learning lab
  • Has a clear definition of what VICTORY means to them

Curious about who these people are? The links above will serve as clues!

I can promise you will have no regrets about tuning into these three episodes. 

Visit www.theathleticsofbusiness.com to learn from these, and more, exceptional leaders that have joined me on the podcast to share the keys to their success in the leadership world.


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