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Unleashing Greatness

Today’s rapid pace and destabilizing rate of change are unprecedented. We haven't experienced anything like this moment in our homes, communities, or the business world. Technological advances paired with generational differences in behavioral patterns create a myriad of daily distractions. Purposeful culture and clear vision have never been more critical in building unshakeable foundations — foundations that will yield sustainable success.

Finding the right people, developing your people the right way, and putting your team in position to be successful is key to unleashing your greatness.

Successful leaders study other successful leaders; they deeply research other teams who know how to win and sustain that winning year after year.

Champions who relentlessly pursue greatness never miss an opportunity to improve themselves and to make those around them better.  

Join Don Yaeger and Ed Molitor on April 10th in the Ford Hall of Champions at Kyle Field for Unleashing Greatness, a Leadership Performance event where they will share with you the traits and behaviors of high-performing leaders in athletics. They will demonstrate how those same traits and behaviors intersect with remarkable business leaders. More importantly, they will show you how you can further develop these traits and behaviors to unleash your individual and collective greatness.

Event Details

Hall of Champions.jpg

Ford Hall of Champions at Kyle Field


Doors open at 8:00 am

Kick Off at 8:45 am

VIP starts at 4:00 pm

Enhanced Experience

There is no better setting for this powerful event: the Ford Hall of Champions was part of an unprecedented transformation of Kyle Field and continues in the traditions of the greatness of Texas A&M. For one day, the Ford Hall of Champions will serve as a gathering place for some of the top business leaders and teams in the region.

This setting will provide a memorable experience in a creative environment and help us break away from the typical conference setting. The Ford Hall of Champions setting means fewer interruptions and more focus — a day out of the office provides an opportunity to take a mental break from the never-ending to-do list and the usual distractions that pop up throughout the day.

Relationship Building

The massive 30,000-square-foot virtual sports museum will be filled with like-minded individuals with a shared purpose that day: to discover game-changing stories, ideas, practices, and the mindset which can help them, and their team close the performance gap. The objective is to move them from where they are today toward the greatness they may not even be able to identify. With all these quality voices in one room, we will have an incredible opportunity to bond with your team and to network with other leaders who are champions in their industry. Together, we believe we can unleash greatness.

Did we mention that lunch will be a tailgate party for the entire group outside of Kyle Field, providing the perfect atmosphere to network and have a few laughs?!

Unleashing Greatness is for those committed to doing everything it takes to maximize their potential as a leader, performer and collectively as a team.

Everyone wants to win.

The great ones, though, leave no stone unturned and recognize high-value opportunities to grow as they are consumed with greatness and reaching their fullest potential. They have zero interest in being a spectator on the sidelines of their career.

They realize that though they've summited great heights in their career, they can still reach for more. Greatness is not something that can be left to chance; it is about action and not lip service.

Our day together will be broken down into three sections where Don and Ed plan to go deep on:

●        Unleashing Greatness through Authentic and Resilient Leadership

●        Recruiting in a Tight Labor Market and Stopping the Revolving Door

●        Embracing the Power of Greatness- Game-Changers that you will not find in the playbook

There will also be a segment with Don and Ed where they will answer questions as well as engage the audience in a discussion. This intersection of crafted strategy, review, and mentorship is extremely powerful.

The practices we cover will equip you with the tools to:

●        Increase your self-awareness

●        Communicate authentically

●        Leverage your strengths

●        Develop and strengthen powerful relationships

●        Develop an unshakeable foundation of trust

●        Build a culture worth fighting for

●        Develop a champion mindset built through self-discipline and repetition

●        Unleash Your Greatness

General Admission

Unleashing Greatness is the ultimate leadership development experience. Inside a powerful, high-energy environment surrounded by other high-performing leaders (we all know that association becomes assimilation), you will hear behind-the-scenes stories and lessons of athletics and business greatness, followed by practices and tools which serve as the “how to.” The result is moments of shared insight which will be critical to a healthy 2019.

General Admission Table (6 seats)
  • General admission

  • Continental breakfast

  • Catered lunch (Tai Lee tailgate)

  • Playbook and materials

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General Admission Ticket
  • General admission

  • Continental breakfast

  • Catered lunch (Tai Lee tailgate)

  • Playbook and materials

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VIP Opportunity

The VIP package provides a unique experience, and you can purchase it as an add-on to the full-day event.

The panel discussion is an opportunity to engage minds and share ideas with panel experts who are incredible examples of how high-performing individuals deploy these traits and behaviors. They will demonstrate why these concepts are key to your success in business.

VIP Table (6 seats)
  • VIP panel discussion moderated by Don Yaeger and Ed Molitor

  • Preferred seating at Unleashing Greatness Event

  • Behind the scenes tour of Kyle Field

  • VIP Dinner in Kyle Field

  • Playbook and materials

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VIP Ticket
  • VIP Panel discussion moderated by Don Yaeger and Ed Molitor

  • Preferred Seating at Unleashing Greatness Event

  • Behind the scenes tour of Kyle Field

  • VIP Dinner in Kyle Field

  • Playbook and materials

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VIP Panel

Our VIP Panel discussion, moderated by Don Yaeger and Ed Molitor, will include:

  • Hunter Goodwin, Owner, President, & Chief Operating Officer of Oldham Goodwin Group, LLC

  • Kim McHugh, VP of Drilling and Completion, Chevron

  • Dat Nguyen, Former TAMU & Dallas Cowboy Linebacker & Coach, Owner & Operator at Chick-Fil-A Franchise

  • Stephanie Rempe, Deputy Director of Athletics at Texas A&M University

  • Jason Boeker, President at Benchmark Houston Builders, L.P.

  • Katy Lee, VP of Marketing for C.C.Creations

About the Hosts

Don Yaeger 004 (1) (1) pic.jpg

Don Yaeger

Don Yaeger is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, longtime Associate Editor of Sports Illustrated, and author of over 30 books, eleven of which have become New York Times Best-sellers. Throughout his writing career, Don has developed a reputation as a world-class storyteller and has been invited as a guest to every major talk show – from Oprah to Nightline, from CNN to Good Morning America.

He began his career at the San Antonio Light in Texas, and also worked at the Dallas Morning News and the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville before going to work for Sports Illustrated.  Two years after joining the staff full-time, he promoted to Associate Editor, where his work was to cover not just sporting events but the off-the-field happenings which affect the world of sports.  Don left Sports Illustrated in 2008 to pursue a public speaking career that has allowed him to share stories learned from the greatest winners of our generation with audiences as diverse as Fortune 10 companies to cancer survivor groups, where he shares his personal story. Yaeger’s first book, Undue Process: The NCAA’s Injustice For All, was published in 1990. In the 22 years since, he has penned 30+ more books, including 11 New York Times Best-sellers.

13900252_508657509325093_5888893649506152820_n (2).jpg

Ed Molitor

In the last 26 years, Ed has developed his leadership skills in both athletics and business. From working as an NCAA Basketball coach at Texas A&M to becoming the Vice President of a national recruiting firm, Ed has taught countless athletes, coaches, and business leaders how to THINK, ACT, and EXECUTE at an elite level. Ed has a unique set of skills to offer to leaders across the country, and he delivers a purposeful, positive, energetic, and refreshing experience to help leaders unlock their true potential.