Nicholas Gross

“Working with Ed Molitor has been a best-in-class experience. Ed is a seasoned leader and coach. He possesses a distinctive skill set that allows him to identify the greatest strengths of his clients, as well as help them articulate how to refine and leverage those strengths to unlock their potential and unleash greatness.

When I reflect on my experience working with Ed, the first word that comes to mind is — authentic. He is truly invested in the success of his clients. If you open yourself up, trust his process, and allow him to work his magic, then you will for sure learn important insights about leadership that you can immediately apply to your own professional (or personal) journey of growth and development.

I learned from Ed that embracing a service-minded attitude towards leadership can drive great impact within a team or organization. If you are looking for an exceptional executive coach that puts excellence, values, and purpose first, then I highly recommend Ed!”


Growing Through (Not Just Going Through) Crisis

Why vulnerability can be a powerful leadership asset