Jason Bey

I’ve had the pleasure of hiring Ed Molitor to deliver one-on-one coaching for front-line leaders, training for those who aspire to lead individual contributors & managers, and finally, keynote presentations (Victory Defined, Disposition to Dominate) to motivate and inspire my teams in an authentic and genuine way.  Not only has the feedback been exceptional regarding the impact he has made with my teams, but his positivity, energy and enthusiasm have infused a spark that’s permeated throughout my entire organization.

Ed is a consummate professional, an extraordinary story-teller, the ultimate connector and an individual who is dedicated to his craft, as a life-long coach.  He prioritizes the needs of his clients and always finds a way to meet them where they are at and ultimately walk alongside them on their personal and customized development journeys.

I consider Ed a partner, confidant and most importantly a mentor and friend.  If you want to elevate your team’s performance through great coaching, inspirational leadership and customizable solutions around engagement and excecutional excellence than I would recommend hiring Ed Molitor.


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