Providing leaders with the ultimate game-plan to increase their capacity to lead authentically while changing their mindset from that of a manager to a high-impact coach.

The greatest honor that comes with being a leader is the opportunity to impact the lives of the people you are leading. Impacting them in such a way that your positive influence touches every area of their life. It helps them get access to their truest potential thus increasing the value they add in their professional career to their teammates, customers, and the organization as well as the value they add to their relationships at home and in their community. 

Today’s workforce wants to know you care, that their work is important and that they are valued. The joy in their job does not necessarily come from their paycheck but rather from the purpose which they operate with daily. Work and life are one and the same to them which is why it is so important to them to be put into a position to be successful each day by focusing on their strengths and having on-going conversations with them as their coach, not their boss. 

They want a coach…. a leader who will come alongside them, cultivate them, help them grow, and work toward maximizing their potential.

Making a positive impact while coaching others has been my ‘why’ for the entire 27 years of my professional career, whether as a college basketball coach or a business leader in two highly competitive industries. I found that the cornerstone of every successful coaching relationship is trust. 

Trust increases the level of positive influence you have on others which makes it the key to developing people, building amazing relationships, growing through adversity, sustaining success, and building a culture worth fighting for. 

When your people have a high level of trust in you, they; feel safe going outside their comfort zones, take risks, learn from failure, grow through adversity, and are more coachable.

The Athletics of Business Leadership Program provides you a game-plan with a step-by-step process of how to build that unshakeable foundation of trust through authentic and resilient leadership. Then, you will learn how to leverage that trust as you develop the skill set of a high-impact coach.

The result…a culture worth fighting for that attracts and retains the top talent while developing the next generation of top performers. 

Unleashing Greatness Through Authentic and Resilient Leadership

Building a culture worth fighting for takes time. There will be change, adversity, failures, wins, losses, pain, frustration and joy. It takes an authentic and resilient leader to ensure that your culture continues to thrive and grow.

In this program, we go beyond what it means to be authentic and how that drives our resiliency as a leader. Together, we work in a positive, high-energy environment to figure out the “how-to” of leveling up your authenticity and what it will mean to your current and future success as an individual, team, and organization.

We begin with resilient leadership, why it is necessary, what it looks like, and the traits and behavior of a resilient leader. Then, we work together on a strategy to help you build your resilient leadership skills.

After that we will break down the three pillars of authenticity; honesty, integrity, and vulnerability. The most resilient leaders have an extremely high level of authenticity and I will show you how each of those pillars contributes to that formula for success. Not only that, we will work together on strategies and processes to level up your authenticity.

Here is what you can expect to get out of each section:


Resiliency is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness. In the business world, it refers to the ability to withstand disruptive shocks, manage complexity and recover from challenging times. Resilient companies require a special kind of leader-one who accepts reality and understands the challenges they face, has a solid grasp of the risk and opportunities that are present, ability to communicate these things to stakeholders and has integrity, energy, and passion.

As a leader, you need to be cognizant of the fact that we live in a world where trends and societal moods are always changing which is why vision, evolution as a leader and the ability to improvise are so critical.

Resilient leaders demonstrate greater clarity of thinking, less reactivity, a positive attitude, and a firm resolve even in the most trying of times.

I will show you the steps you can take to immediately begin building your resilience as a leader.


Authentic leaders know who they are, what they stand for, and the direction in which they are headed. They are the rock that people are looking for. Because people trust them, authentic leaders can motivate and inspire them to achieve high levels of performance.

I will show you how to level up your authenticity and create a resilient culture where your people know that you care, and they appreciate your consistency and know what to expect from you. The level of trust you earn will empower them to grow, lead and perform at the highest level.


Honesty is a driving force behind the trust you have in yourself and that your people have in you. A big reason leaders fail is the inability for them to be frank with themselves and others. Being honest with yourself gives you access to the truest version of yourself as you answer questions wrapped around your purpose, values, and beliefs. Honesty will increase your level of self-awareness and give you access to the truest version of yourself. This understanding of yourself gives you a solid baseline to refer to which helps develop your authentic self.

As a leader when you model this behavior there is a level of trust developed which empowers your team to be more honest with each other in feedback and collaboration with each other which is essential for safe conflict and safe confrontation. Honesty allows you to effectively deal with reality in real-time.

This section will include a deep dive into honesty, open dialogue to get everyone engaged in the process of being more honest, and steps to work on your self-awareness with regards to values, beliefs, and purpose.


Integrity is the alignment of your core values, beliefs, and behaviors. It is easy for us to get distracted, overwhelmed, or pulled in the wrong direction and when that happens, we experience integrity slippage. Your increased awareness of this helps you cultivate discipline, intention, and to focus on your accuracy of action.

When you speak with integrity then your word becomes a commitment, declaration of intent, and a generative force. This results in a deep level of trust, belief, and respect from your people. Moving forward, integrity on a team and organizational level will provide clarity, certainty, productivity, and momentum.

We will dive into how your consistent, high level of integrity: increases your speed and confidence in decision making, builds a level of trust with your team which gets emotional buy-in from them, helps drive a positive and safe culture where your people will operate outside their comfort zone, and builds your resiliency.


Your job as a leader is not to have all the answers, it is to find a solution. Having the ability and humility to ask for help when there is a gap between what you know and what you need to know makes you more powerful as a leader, not powerless. How? Because when you ask for help you show respect for the person who’s giving you their input….. you show respect for their experience, skill, and insight….you show you trust them by making yourself vulnerable.

This results in a higher level of emotional attachment and engagement from your team members as they will feel valued, that their work is important and that what they think and do has a significant impact on your team and organization’s success.

In this section, we will dive into the keys to successfully making yourself vulnerable which include timing, setting, big picture, and knowing what the outcomes could be. Then we will discuss how to positively and productively use the information gathered when your people make themselves more vulnerable.

For additional information, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Ed.

What our former clients are saying…

After being in real estate for several years, I had a call from Ed Molitor promoting his mortgage business. As a top Chicago Realtor I was being contacted by lenders looking for my business almost daily. Ed asked for just one chance to prove himself and show me what he could do for my clients. I gave Ed the chance, and he impressed me and my client by doing everything he promised and more! His persistence and work ethic quickly made him my go to lender and a working relationship that has lasted over 20 years. I'm confident Ed can accomplish anything he sets his mind to and anyone doing business with him will benefit greatly!

Chris Pagano

Manager, Coldwell Banker

I have known Ed Molitor for more than 25 years, and have watched him make the transition from successful college basketball coach to mortgage broker and vice president of operations to starting his own company, The Molitor Group. Ed has been able to accomplish so much in business and in life because of his work ethic, tireless enthusiasm, his passion for helping others and honesty. I along with many others are grateful he has taken all of his experiences and skills and started The Molitor Group. His company will help anyone looking to achieve greatness in business but also wanting to learn how to compete every day and be successful in life!

Matt Petty

President, Tridex Systems

I first met Ed in high school. We were teammates on the basketball team and our friendship grew from competition on the court. Ed was our coach on the floor, always looking to motivate us, encourage us, and help us to reach our potential not only individually, but more importantly as a team. Being a year older, Ed was off to college during my senior year. I still remember the letters he would send me, encouraging me to focus, stay mentally strong, unify the team, etc. While I knew I wasn't going to play basketball after high school, I knew the skills and traits that Ed was challenging me with, would continue long after my athletic days were done.

Over the years, I've seen Ed apply these athletic traits and beliefs to his success in the mortgage business, as a college basketball coach, and a professional recruiter. Most importantly I'm seeing Ed instilling these traits to his marriage and young children. These are life lessons. Owning my own business for the last 10 years has been a great challenge for me and my family. During this time, Ed has helped me to stay focused for my family and goal driven in my business. He's helped me to create a plan for success for my business, maximizing potential and unifying staff to a common goal. A "singleness of purpose" he would often say, as well as one of my favorites, "If you work long enough, hard enough, and smart enough, good things are going to happen." Ed has been a friend, teammate and mentor to me for over 20yrs. I am thankful for his guidance and encouragement professionally and his friendship personally.

Mike Imm

Owner, M. Sweazy & Associates

About Ed Molitor
Ed Molitor is an executive leadership coach, talented speaker, and the CEO of The Molitor Group. Ed developed the Athletics of Business Mindset after decades of experiences as an athlete, coach, and successful businessman. Ed draws on his work ethic, positivity, enthusiasm, passion for life, loyalty, and commitment to relentlessly pursuing excellence in everything he does.

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