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Ed Molitor, Founder & CEO of The Molitor Group speaking at a 2017 PGA Tour Event

Ed Molitor offers a series of keynote speeches based on his signature leadership program, Your Championship Season. Ed loves to customize programs for your organization & event. These keynote speeches are perfect for corporate events or celebrations.

Below are some of the powerful, effective, and entertaining programs Ed offers.

In this talk, Ed will cover what it takes from an individual standpoint to maximize your ability on a daily basis. Becoming a Peak Performer on a championship team does not necessarily mean you are the leading scorer or biggest producer. What it does mean is that you do the right things at the right time to make the most out of your ability, and to set yourself and the team up for success. It can be your business team, your family, or any organization with which you are a contributing member. (Conditioning, pre-season, post-season-evaluate, off-season-rest, season-preparation and focus in practice, practice, rest, nutrition, whole being, balance)

Becoming a Peak Performer



Every championship season is the direct result of the foundation laid in building the entire program, regardless of the sport. You win with people, therefore the people in your organization are your most valuable assets. In this talk, Ed will discuss establishing your core values, vision, and mission. Then he will talk about recruiting the right people for the right roles, and doing it the right way. Your Championship Season will be a roller coaster ride in which you will experience highs and lows, and it will be that foundation you laid building the program which will be your source of strength during the lows, and keep you grounded through the highs.

Building The Program

Life is a journey, and not a destination. That holds true for the season as well! Many view holding up the trophy as what makes it a championship season, but it is the grind of the process every single day. Ed offers an incredibly unique perspective as he was a member of a number of championship teams as a player and a coach, as well as a key figure in some successful runs in the business world. Preparation, execution, mental balance, managing situations, growing through struggles, building and maintaining momentum, communicating, timing in decision making, making adjustments capitalizing on success in all other facets of your program (recruiting, budgetary, contract, etc), and all the while keeping the proper perspective.

Making The Run

At the end of every season there is a banquet, but the championship banquet is incredibly special. Before you show the long-anticipated highlight film, the coaches will give out the awards which were voted on by the players’ peers. In this talk, Ed will dive into the value of the various awards. He will talk about the Most Improved Player, Hustle Award, Hardest Worker, and of course the MVP. Most programs have a special award named after an individual, and it represents what defined that person. Usually the person has a significant impact on the program and they want to keep their memory alive. All of this only adds to the culture, and confirms the value of the price every member paid during the journey. This customized program is a unique opportunity for Ed to talk into the vision you have for your group or organization.

The Banquet

What our former clients have to say...

Stacy Alexander, National Customer Service Manager, International Mail, RR Donnelley

"It is rare to come across a person who connects so intrinsically that you can't help but be inspired. I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Ed Molitor during my collegiate career while playing women's basketball. Ed was the assistant coach of the men's basketball team at the time but was supportive and available for all the athletes in the program. Ed has always been passionate about motivating and inspiring others. It was no surprise when we crossed paths several years later to see that he had started his own leadership organization. Ed's drive, enthusiasm and innate ability to connect with individuals is one of his many amazing qualities. As a speaker he engages his audience and relates to them on a professional and personal level. Ed draws on his journey through his professional career as well as his personal relationships with mentors, family, and friends. He has laid a solid foundation on the what, the why, and the how in regard to leadership. I strongly recommend you taking advantage and tapping into the leadership program built by Ed Molitor of The Molitor Group."

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About Ed Molitor

Ed Molitor is a leadership performance coach, trainer, captivating speaker, and the CEO of The Molitor Group. Ed developed the Athletics of Business Mindset after decades of experiences as an athlete, coach, and successful businessman. Ed draws on his work ethic, positivity, enthusiasm, passion for life, loyalty, and commitment to relentlessly pursuing excellence in everything he does.