Rich Sheridan

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Rich entered the software industry in high school by creating an award-winning computer game for his friends to enjoy
  • How a difficult period in his career almost led Rich to leave the industry, and why he chose to persevere through the challenges
  • How the spark of an idea early in Rich's career became the joyful culture of Menlo Innovations almost 30 years later
  • How Menlo's unique business structure supports developing leadership skills and a culture of teamwork
  • What steps Rich takes to foster a joyful workplace environment and grow leaders within his organization
  • Why Rich believes storytelling is one of the most important components supporting his business culture
  • Why Menlo's joyful culture doesn't prevent turnover but does encourage the right people to stay
  • Why Rich wrote his bestselling book "Joy Inc.", and why its success led him to write his upcoming book "Chief Joy Officer"
  • Why the elimination of fear has been instrumental in unlocking the potential of Menlo's employees
  • Why allowing employees to experiment and innovate can be a powerful catalyst for cultural change

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