Ray Rothrock

In addition to CEO at RedSeal, seed investor mostly in cyber companies. Those include Area 1 Security, Synack, Tala, dTex, NS8, Mark43, Qwilt, RigUp, Planet, LumaHealth, Unbound Tech, Virgil, Cybrary, Halo Tech, and others. Also, Rothrock is the author of "Digital Resilience" published by Harper Collins. It is a non-technical book for management, leaders and really just about anyone interested in getting control of their cyber threat and response in this age of the bad guys are in, now what?

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • How Rothrock found a mentor at Texas A&M who helped him change industries and pursue technology in CA
  • Rothrock’s journey and the career path he ended up taking
  • How to become a leader in anything you do
  • The importance of tenacity, camaraderie, and celebrating together
  • Education’s role in Rothrock’s life, and how he is trying to pay it forward
  • Ray’s motivational keynote speech, Compound Interest
  • The importance of cybersecurity and how Red Seal is taking it a step further
  • Rothrock’s book, Digital Resilience, and what resilience means to him
  • What it takes to leave a legacy

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