Twenty Years Later, with Jason Boeker
Jason Boeker

Jason Boeker summarizes his life in a simple but impactful way “I have been provided opportunities through others taking chances on me. I wouldn't say I have always earned or deserved these opportunities, but I was taught to never waste them, earned or not.” Jason is President at Benchmark Houston Builders where he began working in 2012 as Senior Project Manager. In 2013 he was quickly promoted to Vice-President of Operations in which role he helped BHB navigate their way through the oil and gas market crash of 2014-2015. In January of 2018 Jason took over as President and is now leading BHB through a significant growth period. Prior to joining Benchmark Houston Builders, Jason was with Swinerton Builders where his last position was Senior Project Manager. Jason graduated from Texas A&M University in 2000 with a Construction Science degree and was a leader on the Men’s Basketball Team. At the conclusion of his senior season he was the recipient of the Captain’s Award, the Aggie Spirit Award, and the Senior Award.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What valuable lessons Jason Boeker learned playing on a basketball team under coach Ed Molitor
  • Jason's post-athletic career journey through construction, project engineering, project management, and business ownership
  • How Jason weathered an industry crash and a 90% revenue loss but turned things around and returned to profitability
  • Why Jason's varied career path prepared him for a leadership position as president of his own business
  • How Jason's business culture and recruiting strategy inspire self-confidence and career growth for his staff
  • Why Jason believes failure is a stronger catalyst for growth than success and how he leads growth for his team
  • How an experience with challenge and failure in high school changed Jason's understanding of personal growth
  • Why a strong sense of competition has helped Jason rise to every challenge he has faced
  • What advice Jason has for people who are seeking to become successful in their personal and professional lives
  • Why humility, respect, and gratitude are some of the important cornerstones of Jason’s success

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