From College Football to Digital Marketing, with Chaz Cervino
Chaz Cervino

As an athletically successful youth, Chaz developed many relationships and connections that he now successfully utilizes in the business development and operation of all clients for Today’s Business. Chaz Cervino is the co-founder of the multi-faceted digital marketing company, along with his college football teammate, Tom Ottaiano. Chaz’s success as an All-American athlete in high school set the stage for his college success. Chaz first attended Syracuse, where he was highly recruited for his football talent. He later transferred to Hofstra University where he graduated with a Bachelors in Communication & Rhetorical Studies. Chaz has a love for networking and introducing individuals to one another to build relationships.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Chaz transitioned from wide receiver at Syracuse University to playing for Hofstra University during his college athletics career
  • How Chaz sustained a serious injury with a broken rib and punctured lung that took him out for the entirety of the final season of the Hofstra football program
  • Why Chaz and his friend Tom decided to go into business together, starting by holding a wildly successful networking event
  • How Chaz's company, Today's Business, got involved in social media and digital marketing, through promoting their own networking events
  • What digital marketing services Chaz's business offers its clients, and how they customize solutions to maximize return on investment
  • How the lessons Chaz learned in athletics have benefitted him in building his business, and what sorts of challenges he has had to face on his journey
  • How the culture at Chaz's culture informs his company's hiring practices and the types of people the company looks to bring in
  • How Chaz's company uses their internship program to bring in loyal, committed team members
  • Why Chaz considers sustaining success to be more difficult than finding it in the first place
  • Why it is important to make yourself vulnerable and allow yourself to go through your struggles while focusing on your solutions

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