Holiday Coaching Offer

A special holiday offer with a limited number of spaces that will help you become more focused, strategic and effective in every area of your life.

For only $750.00 you will receive three 45-minutes sessions which will begin immediately. The timing could not be more perfect as there is still time to finish the year organized, focused, consistent and creating a momentum which will serve as a catalyst for a fast start to your powerful 2019.

The Process

Session One

We will go through your 2018 calendar, any journals, notes, goals, and other metrics to look at your game film and answer the questions:

  • What were my proudest accomplishments?

  • What did I spend too much time on?

  • What did not get enough time?

  • What can I learn from my failures/mistakes?

  • How can I build on my successes?

  • What areas can I improve?

  • What worked/didn’t work

  • What should I do more of/less of

  • What should I start doing/stop doing

  • What relationships can I pour more into and what relationships should I use caution

Session Two

Knowledge is not power, rather applied knowledge is power. Here is where we focus on creating your compelling vision and then setting goals that are aligned with your vision and core values. I will provide you a goal-setting process to work through before our second session, so we can spend our time getting laser-like focus on our time/energy/attention management.

When we are done with this session you will lay out your goals for 2019 and a game-plan for the first quarter. The key is to get off to a great start by finding a cadence, developing routines, accumulating positive habits, and building a system that works for YOU!

Session Three

Most people give up on their goals and game-plans within the first month of the new year which is why this session is so critical. Session three will take place between the second and fourth week of January and we will run a feedback loop to see how things are going. This session serves two purposes. First, it holds you accountable for doing what you said you were going to do and staying committed. Second, it serves as a strategic session where we can tweak some things as we see fit.


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