Time management & goal setting for the ambitious, results-focused individual.

Learn how to master your days & get more done with the time you have.


Here's what our former students had to say...

Mike Imm, Owner at M. Sweazy & Associates
"This course helped me to stay focused and goal driven in my business. Ed Molitor helped me to create a plan for success for my business, maximizing potential and unifying staff to a common goal."

Mike Imm, Owner, M. Sweazy & Associates


  • Manage your attention & energy more efficiently each day
  • Gain clarity on your “why” … the driving factor behind what you do every day
  • Set achievable short, medium, and long-range goals rooted in your Core Values
  • Align your monthly & weekly objectives to your goals
  • Set yourself up for success every day with my Daily Practice Plan
  • Stay motivated by measuring progress & listening to feedback loops
  • Leverage your strengths & the power of a positive mindset to achieve more than you thought possible!

Approaching your goals & objectives using a time-honed framework and system will help you get more done, feel more satisfied with what you’re accomplishing, and gain clarity and focus on the things that matter in your business & personal life.

Ed Molitor, Founder & CEO of The Molitor Group

Your Instructor

Ed Molitor is the founder & CEO of The Molitor Group.

Throughout his professional career, the words coaching and leadership have been synonymous with the positions Ed Molitor has held.

His leadership skills, traits and behaviors are the reasons he has realized such great success as a college basketball coach, Chicago mortgage broker, motivational speaker who talked about the invaluable life lessons provided in competitive athletics and as VP of Operations for a successful recruiting firm.



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