March Madness: One Thing March Always Delivers

Both the women’s and men’s NCAA 2023 Tournaments have been wild filled with incredible upsets which means an amazing win for one team and a heartbreaking loss for the other. That’s the reality of it all….someone wins and someone else goes home.

But if you take the time to dig into the different stories of each team you will be both amazed and inspired by what these players and coaching staffs go through just to get a chance to step on the floor under the bright lights in March.

As I read and listened to story after story of the obstacles overcome, injuries rehabbed, dire family circumstances, and second chances I realized there was one word that kept popping up.


“This is a special group.”

“She is a special kid.”

“Their parents are special people.”

“What we are doing right now is special.”

“Our culture is special.”

Here is the thing….special doesn’t happen by accident.

Special is a result of hard work, significant adversity, a lot of love, belief, confusion, more belief resilience, determination, and vision.

Special is also a result of intentionality on the leader’s part.

Coaching leaders who build special cultures experience special results.

It may not mean cutting down the proverbial nets at the end of the season but it does result in meaningful relationships which will serve you and the people you led long after the lights in the arena are turned off.

What are you doing today to:

  • Build a special team
  • Create a special culture
  • Achieve special results
  • Become a special leader

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