Intangibles are the Difference Maker

The Difference Maker

One of the projects I am currently executing is a seven-week series with Fidelity National Financial where I spend one hour each week breaking down the core components of our foundational program VICTORY Defined

This week I am presenting on the I in VICTORY… .intangibles. 

I love talking about the intangible… It gets my juices going because it brings me back to my days of sitting in gyms all over the country evaluating players. 

It was about way more than just finding a kid who can play.  

I wanted to know what kind of teammates they were, were they coachable, did they finish an effort play, did they have a positive attitude, and how did they treat the people around them who had zero impact on their future.

We all want to know if we can win with someone, but I also wanted to know if I could lose with someone. Could we struggle together and grow through it individually and collectively?

Were they going to be in the fight with their teammates and be willing to be pushed….to be put in uncomfortable situations so they can grow?

There is a long list of things I looked for….work ethic, accountability, focus, positive energy, self-discipline… get the idea. 

One intangible that has stood out to me over time and is the absolute difference maker is poise. 


You have heard me say countless times, “Be the face your team needs to see and the voice your team needs to hear.”

As we make our way through this stage of the pandemic and work toward our new reality, whatever that may be, it is so critical to be acutely aware of the level of poise you communicate…..verbally and non-verbally. 

Poised leaders have an understanding of the current situation, the emotions involved, and the responsibilities they have to their people.

Congrats to HOF coach Jay Wright…….always poised.

The ability to operate and communicate positively in a state of balance with a self-confident manner will drive trust, breed confidence, and empower those around you to keep their heads about them while staying focused.

Exceptional leaders understand they can never have a bad day. 

Things can happen, adversity can strike, bad news can arrive first thing in the morning…..but they never have a bad day. 

Something I Have Never Done

Today’s message fits in so well with next week’s podcast guest that I am going to give you a preview of our conversation. 

I am joined by Bill Eckstrom, Founder, and CEO at Ecsell Institute as well as the author of The Coaching Effect and a Keynote Speaker. 

It is an incredible conversation because Bill does most of the talking and he is amazing!

The bottom line is this…..being in a state of discomfort is the only way a person can grow. 

There is so much there to unpack and I can guarantee you will love it. I will share so much more with you in next week’s post. 

For now, embrace the challenges you are experiencing and thrive in your state of discomfort knowing that you have the opportunity to get better each day. 

Focus on your poise as a leader and ask yourself this before you deliver any messages to your team:

  • What is the emotional state of the team?
  • What is the current reality?
  • How can I take our current reality and frame it as an opportunity?
  • How do I need to deliver the message so the team is receptive?
  • What do my mindset, tone, and body language need to be?

30-Day Sprint

Poise is not something that is developed overnight and it is something I work on often with my clients. 

During the 30-Day Sprint, I have worked with several clients on what is getting in the way of them responding with poise as opposed to reacting with a whole array of unproductive behaviors. 

The results have been astounding as we have not only uncovered roadblocks, identified blind spots, and determined gaps….we also have helped out a game plan in place that takes their leadership to a new level. 

Have a great weekend!



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