Importance of Vulnerability in Leadership

It’s essential to position your team and your organization to be ready for any challenges that come their way. Being open to change is vital at any time but never more so than when we’re facing the aftermath of a difficult couple of years. After all, new challenges need updated solutions and evolved ways of leading. The importance of vulnerability in leadership shouldn’t be underestimated

A robust and well-defined company culture is a great way to unite people in difficult times — your team will be looking for leaders who offer them trust, compassion, stability, and hope. They don’t expect you to have all the answers, but they are looking to you to lead them to find the answers. 

When you foster a collaborative culture and are honest and authentic with your people about where you are financially as an organization, you have a head start. When times are uncertain, it’s ok to show the team the math problems and invite collaboration. Vulnerability is an enormous part of being an authentic leader. If you are honest about your potential problems, then it allows other individuals in the organization to participate in the solution. 

By being honest and transparent with the team and being open to ideas and suggestions, trust and loyalty become key components in the fabric of the company.

Vulnerability in Leadership


Today’s workforce is multi-generational, and we talk all the time about the three main things that are important to them.  

  • They want to know that they’re valued.
  • They want to know that the work they do is important and has meaning.
  • They want a leader who takes the journey with them and coaches them rather than tells them what to do.

There is a delicate balance of discipline and controlled freedom — you empower the individuals in your organization to go ahead and do some things themselves but maintain as a leader the ability to coach them through that process.  

Leaders set the goals and vision of what needs to be accomplished in the company, but everybody partakes in that vision planning. And everybody takes ownership of the strategy for their own teams. Although it might give you some discomfort as a leader, the process of devolving control and letting go of the reins a little when you empower your employees will enhance your offering to your clients. 

A leader who is open and vulnerable enough to share the power in the organization with the team needs to begin that process by defining the core values and how they relate to the individuals.Being value-driven in your daily work life continually reinforces their importance. 


Company Culture


Authentic leaders adhere to the company values and allow themselves to be vulnerable and intimate in pursuit of those values. 

Authentically vulnerable leaders commit to their team, respect them and understand how their knowledge and experience fill the gaps. The group is a massive part of the solution to tricky problems in challenging times. 

Vulnerability allows individuals to trust the leader because they open up to them and clearly respect and value their skills and insights into their specialist area. Vulnerability gives your team the safe space they need to open up to you and trust that you will listen to them and guide them. 

When you keep your company culture and personal ethics, and morals at the center of your leadership practice and prioritize high standards of respect for your staff, you will serve your clients genuinely and authentically and have the combined power to weather whatever the storm throws at you. 

Letting others have some of the powers doesn’t disempower you at all. Vulnerability allows you to develop effectively. The importance of vulnerability in leadership is crucial in helping you support your staff to reach another level with their skills. 

If you want to know more about the importance of vulnerability in leadership or looking to develop your leadership skills further, check out some of my other blog posts, or tune in to The Athletics of Business podcast, where I discuss all aspects of leadership with a variety of inspiring leaders. 


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